سياسية الخصوصية

Salam si Hassan,

  1. In the home page and product page, 
    • Replace 50% OFF with -50% ?????
    • Change Price Color to Black
  2. In the product page:
    • The order form can be displayed on the product page or after a click on the button, make it configurable by admin.
    • Remove the text zone "?????"
    • Move Social boutons to page bottom after "related products". show only facebook and WhatsApp
  3. In the cart page: 
    • if free shipping replace 0dh with ???????
    • Hide Coupon box if no coupon exists for the current product
    • City: text box not a list
  4. Show categories on the home page. configurable by admin
  5. Why Phone number icon is duplicated (contact buttons)?
  6. Allow admin to add pages links to some pages on the footer (????? ????????? ????? ?????? ????? ????????? ??????????)